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How one can contribute to the CIAC’s strategic pillars as an ordinary member:

Ordinary members support the CIAC campaign without directly implementing activities or participating in governance.  Ordinary members are encouraged to:

a.) Proactively share information that is being published through the CIAC website and social media pages.

b.) Endorse campaign-related open letters.

c.) Proactively participate in discussions on the independence of the African Commission.


Strategic Pillar

Knowledge Production & Dissemination

This pillar seeks to build a repository of information and data related to the independence of the African Commission in African Union (AU) languages.

About Strategic Pillar

This pillar on knowledge production and dissemination entails two interrelated roles of creation and sharing of information pertaining to the independence of the African Commission in AU languages. It involves creating, maintaining, publicizing and utilizing a repository of data, analysis and resources related to the independence of the African Commission and other matters pertaining to Decision 1015. It also involves utilizing both traditional and non-traditional media platforms at the national, regional and international levels.


Stakeholder Engagement

This pillar seeks to increase regional and international solidarity in support of the independence of the African Commission by identifying individuals, networks and institutions that may have an interest in the campaign for an independent African Commission.

About Stakeholder engagement

This pillar entails identification and keeping of key stakeholders informed of the implications/impact of Decision 1015 and urge them to take impactful actions such as issuing statements and speaking out. Key stakeholders include but not limited to: legal scholars, former African heads of States, national human rights institutions, Pan African Parliament, Permanent Representatives Committee, African Chief Justices, eminent persons from relevant sectors such as academia, governance, international relations, human rights scholars etc. This also entails liaising with international bodies such as OHCHR and UN treaty bodies; and other sub-regional human rights systems such as the Inter-American Human Rights System etc.


State Engagement

This pillar seeks to raise awareness of States who play a leading role in the attacks against the African Commission and works with member States who can defend accountability mechanisms from attacks.

About State engagement

This pillar entails identifying and developing a pool of friendly and hostile AU member states that can protect accountability mechanisms and exposing those that undermine accountability mechanisms respectively in order to foster joint actions to resist attacks by member states and other actors that threaten accountability mechanisms.

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