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About the CIAC

We are a collective of organizations and individuals who seek to protect and defend the independence of the ACHPR. Our efforts are based on the premise that both regional and international human rights bodies and civil society play an essential role in holding states accountable for commitments made through ratifying human rights treaties. Importantly, holding states accountable for human rights violations by ensuring people are not oppressed under the pretext of sovereignty.

Our Formation

Subsequent to the African Union (AU) Executive Council, adopting Decision 1015 during the 33rd Ordinary Session that was held in June 2018 in Nouakchott, Mauritania; representatives from civil society organizations and national human rights institutions convened a response meeting on the margins of the 63rd Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (African Commission) that was held in Banjul, The Gambia in October 2018.

The aim of the convening was to strategize on how to respond to the unprecedented attack on the independence of the African Commission and its respective mandates as a result of Decision 1015. Hence, the Coalition for the Independence of the African Commission (CIAC) was formed.

Our Strategic Pillars

The three strategic pillars that guide the work of the CIAC are:


Knowledge Production
& Dissemination

This pillar seeks to build a repository of information and data related to the independence of the African Commission in African Union (AU) languages.



Increase regional and international solidarity in support of the independence of the African Commission by identifying individuals, networks and institutions that may have an interest in the campaign for an independent African Commission.



This pillar seeks to raise awareness of States who play a leading role in the attacks against the African Commission and works with member States who can defend accountability mechanisms from attacks.

Our Campaign

The CIAC campaign seeks to reverse the negative implications of Decision 1015 by defending the independence of the African Commission. For the African Commission to protect and promote the human rights of all through its communication procedures, friendly settlement of disputes, state reporting and urgent appeals, it must enjoy 3 forms of independence in the operational environment. The following are the 3 forms of independence for the African Commission that our campaign seeks to achieve:

The African Commission is able to develop its own mode of operation, including establishment of its rules of procedure so that it can decide how it needs to work in order to fulfil its mandate.

The African Commission is autonomous from the institutions that it holds accountable such that it does not risk being decapitated of its resources should it not heed to manipulation from member states.

The African Commission enjoys the freedom to make decisions without fear, favour or prejudice, including security of tenure and service, amongst other freedoms. 

Our Vision

An enabling environment for the African Commission to exist as the body it was established to that ensures the protection and promotion of human rights for all.

Our Mission

To advance the independence of the African Commission through strategic stakeholder engagement, public awareness, regional and international solidarity.

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